We have 11 Solar Warehouses across Africa. We are ready to supply you with the high quality, US Standard solar equipment today. It is ready for pickup. We also have 600 installers across 40 African Countries.

We have been installing solar for 10 Years across Africa.

  • Ready-to-ship Solar to Eritrea.

    We have been shipping and installing solar from the USA and Germany for such customers as US Embassy, British Embassy, UN, Diaspora. We are ready to help you.


    We are ready to design and install solar for BIG Organizations. Embassies, Government, Factories.

  • Solar Water Pumping

    We have shipping and installing Solar Water pumps for Villages, Orchards.

    Gahtelay, Allaa, Keyih-Cor, Deki-Mahre. UN Project in Sahel.